Research on the ‘Industrial Metaverse’

  • ‘Industrial Metaverse’ related technologies in the Belgian construction Industry
    In recent times, the construction sector has faced a series of challenges that has stymied its progress. Industry experts, such as Schouten (2023), point to a looming energy crisis as a primary culprit, with many customers shelving construction projects. This setback is further compounded by escalating material costs and the industry’s struggles to recruit … Read more
  • Research started on ‘Industrial Metaverse’
    From MIT Technology Review Introduction:Envisage a digital world with factories, machines, buildings, cities and vehicles, and where an entire traffic is simulated to enable virtual testing. A report by MIT Technology Review in partnership with Siemens (2023) about the emergent industrial metaverse speaks of this and breaks the metaverse into three sectors: industrial, enterprise … Read more
  • Opinion PXL Experts: Are we ready for the Metaverse? The Metaverse: A digital virtual 3D environment that merges with our daily reality. But are we ready for it? Maurits Hagemans (PXL Construction & Industry) gradually believes so, although there are still some issues. Meta VR and AR: you have undoubtedly read and/or heard about them, or perhaps even experienced them yourself. The … Read more