Participant first symposium Foundation Metaverse Europe

The first symposium by Foundation Metaverse Europe in Brussels was a great event. It began with a motivating speech from Axel Voss, an important EU policymaker, and included important talks from Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak of the European Commission and Emmie Hine from the University of Bologna.

I was invited for this event because of my research on the ‘Industrial Metaverse,’ which covers topics like digital twins, European funding, and the talent in Europe. We broke into two focused groups, led by Oliver Autumn and Patrick Grady, to discuss European Sovereignty and Digital Identities. I shared my views on how Europe has a lot of talented individuals, but we’re missing chances to involve them more. I suggested that we need to collaborate more with European universities to make the most of this talent.

The symposium was an important place for discussing how to shape Europe’s digital future.