Throughout his extensive background in the educational sector, Maurits has cultivated a solid understanding of educational methodologies, pedagogy, dissemination and curriculum design of today’s educational paradigms. His engagement across a diverse spectrum of academic institutions has enriched him with invaluable insights into curriculum development, execution, and educational innovation, placing a significant emphasis on fostering creativity within the learning process.

Maurits’ educational journey is characterized by his involvement in:

  • Secondary Education, from 2009 to 2011,
  • Higher Professional Education, from 2011 to 2013,
  • Secondary Professional Education, 2014 to 2020,
  • University of Applied Sciences, where he has been making substantial contributions since 2020 to the present day.

In addition to his role in education, Maurits has been committed to workshop facilitation since 2019, with a particular focus on pioneering innovation within education. This aspect of his work highlights his dedication to integrating innovative ideas and methodologies into the educational landscape, enriching the learning experience and fostering an atmosphere of innovation.