‘Industrial Metaverse’ related technologies in the Belgian construction Industry

In recent times, the construction sector has faced a series of challenges that has stymied its progress. Industry experts, such as Schouten (2023), point to a looming energy crisis as a primary culprit, with many customers shelving construction projects. This setback is further compounded by escalating material costs and the industry’s struggles to recruit skilled professionals. The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector, despite making strides in digitization over recent years, still lags behind other industries in terms of digital integration. This observation holds not just for Belgium but across the broader European Union.

Still, there is an interesting point. The Metaverse related technologies offers innovative solutions to the sector’s longstanding problems. With features such as Digital Twins and augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) integrations, the construction industry is experiencing a transformative shift. These tools, combined with advanced project management techniques, promise to revitalize construction processes (Bouwkroniek, 2021).

Building Information Modelling (BIM) stands out as a marker of this digital revolution. It enables the creation of precise digital replicas of intended constructions, even before ground is broken. While BIM’s incorporation is increasingly evident across the industry, it’s worth noting that it has yet to become the standard. This is largely due to its early stage of development and unfamiliarity to many in the industry (Gys & Vergauwe, 2019).

Research has now begun with a main focus on the potential adoption in the Belgian construction industry. To stay updated with relevant findings, visit this page and stay in touch. Alternatively, you can follow Adaptable’s Linkedin page

Note: This research will be conducted from July through October 2023. This text is related to the research thesis for the Master Media Innovation at Breda University of Applied Sciences, written by Maurits Hagemans

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