Article about VR, Game Development & Soft Skills

For a number of years now, students in the software developer program have been able to choose the Programming Games elective. This is a specialization within the program. They learn the basics and all the variants of developing a computer game. 

Teacher Maurits Hagemans proudly says: “The students now know how to build a VR environment. That’s why I chose to give the last lessons of the elective in a VR environment. Then they experience what it’s like and I subsequently show them how the environment is constructed.
There are now a number of tools that can be used to give a presentation in VR. For example, Spatial & Altspace-VR. I chose the EngageVR tool which has become a strong platform. VR glasses are necessary (Oculus Quest) and of course it takes some preparation!”


The students are currently developing a game in the program Unity3D. The past weeks they have been explained which steps to take and which processes are involved in building the games. 
“Not only the technical software knowledge (also called Hard Skills) are important here, but also the Soft Skills: Working together, giving each other ideas, friendliness, helpfulness etc. The market has a strong need for these skills.” 
Maurits is proud of his students. “Everyone works on his/her own game, but at the same time they also look at others. This only makes the end results better.”

“A firefighter is trained to put out house fires. It is more difficult to simulate a fire in an apartment building. With VR, this is possible. Or think of practicing open-heart surgery, but digitally first. But to eventually program such a detailed ‘game’ requires some additional practice.”