As a researcher at PXL University of Applied Sciences & Arts in Hasselt, Maurits is associated with the Smart-ICT and Green & Tech centers of expertise. His focus is on new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Digital Twins, Photogrammetry, and Industrial Metaverse-related technologies like blockchain, web 3.0, and other web-related technologies, drawing on his experience as a full-stack web developer. Part of his research involves implementing these technologies.

He develops and provides content for the PXL research websites, writes articles, and explores new techniques in preparation for the various valorization phases of the conducted research. Several companies in Flanders from the housing and building sector have joined the research as a support group, providing input for testing our findings against various cases.

Research projects:

  • 2020-2022: AR4SMARTMO, “To accelerate the adoption of (High-end) technology in Organizations,” Augmented Reality for maintenance and operations.
    PXL University of Applied Sciences.
  • 2021-2022: Self-directed Learning in Crossmedia, Visual Design.
    Luca School of Arts, Ghent.
  • 2021-2022: Photogrammetry in the Building Industry.
    PXL University of Applied Sciences.
  • 2023: Master Thesis: ‘Industrial Metaverse.’
    Breda University of Applied Sciences, MA.
  • 2023-2025: Circular Concept Construction, Digitization & Circularity.
    PXL University of Applied Sciences.